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February 26, 2017

Jamie's Birthday

Jamie's 40th Birthday

Sunday 26 February 2017. Fantastic, wonderful day. Shelly's house was looking amazing after 9 months of extensive remodelling. The weather cooperated. The neighbours and family were gobsmacked. Brian next door said "I'm trying to take it all in. I can't believe it.".

And a great deal of hard work to put on the party by Shelly, Alison, Cathy, Karla, Ros and I hope I haven't forgotten anybody. And the kids all chipped in. Jess amused Holly. The dogs amused everybody.

Our younger son Jamie was born on a cold frosty Saturday in our home in Kilwinning, Scotland. His arrival was so quick, there was no time to get to hospital. The family doctor lived a couple of doors away and attended. The ambulance took Alison, Jamie and Robin to Irvine Royal Infirmary. Alison got home on Monday and life as a family of four began. A happy day. A 40 year adventure of mostly good and happy times.

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