Ann Arbor, MI - July 18, 2007

Summer Vacation 2007 (19 of 22) :

I must get round to writing something about this.

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Arriving in Ann Arbor

State St

Arriving at the University

Legal Library

Ford School

First glimpse of Pizza Bob's

Across the street

The Shop Front

Bob himself

Jim's Tee Shirt

Bob's Napkin

The Menu

Ali and the Football Posters

Bob's Posters1

Bob's Posters2

Bob's Posters3

Pizza Menu

Chipati Menu

The Chipati

Favorite Sandwich

For School from State St

University Buildings

State Street and University

Street Fair in State St

Angell Hall1

Angell Hall2

Pizza Man - not Bob

Street Fair

The Library

About the University

Rear entrance to Library

About Martha Cook Building

Martha Cook Building

Legal Library again

New Business School

About the Business School

Home ......... About

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