Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland and journey's end. Our flight home from New Zealand is from the Auckland International Airport. So we fly from Christchurch and spend 30 hours in Auckland. Long enough to say "We've been to Auckland.".

We arrived on Wednesday afternoon and drove through down-town and across the Auckland Bay Bridge. We drove about 20km North and went into McDonalds to use Wifi to find a hotel. Rats. Couldn't connect. We ended up in a motel in Takapuna. Today is my 66th Birthday and a cause for celebration. However we skipped going out and boozing. I had a pie for supper and was asleep by 9pm. Woke up at 8:30 and could have slept longer. It must by my age!

The forecast for Thursday was heavy rain, clearing in the afternoon. We drove to Orewa Beach. We had lunch in a Thai place and drove to a couple of nearby beaches. I had a little accident. I slipped on paint on a traffic island. I fell hard and hurt my hand. Thank You to the family who came to help and offered to call for help. The camera went flying and seems undamaged. My left pinky was sprained and very painful. I am sure nothing is broken, however it will take a few weeks to get better.

The weather finally cleared about 3pm and we enjoyed a walk on the beautiful beach. About 5pm, we set off for Auckland to visit the Auckland Sky Tower and understand more about the impressive city of Auckland.

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