Buller Gorge

On Sunday 8 January 2017, we drove Buller Gorge from Westport to Tasman on the North Shore of North Island.

The Buller River is one of the biggest rivers in New Zealand. It has a flow rate of about 6 times the River Thames in England and provides much of the hydro power in New Zealand. It's also an "adventure river" with rafting and other outdoor activities.

There are several ghost gold mining towns along the river and we stopped at Lyell to investigate. The hardships that people endured in Victorian times in pursuit of gold in Australia, New Zealand, California and other place is hard to fathom. I'm sure there's still lots of gold in the mountains, however there are less back-breaking ways of making a living today.

We've come to visit our friends Jan and Doug who live in Tasman. They've recently moved here from Christchurch. They have a beautiful house in a stunning location. It's very nice to be here.

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