Dunedin, New Zealand

We visited the city of Dunedin on Friday 13 January. Sometimes things work out better than planned. I'd booked a B&B and when we arrived it was horrible. I expect we'll get charged. We couldn't find anywhere to park and eat and ended up driving about 25km north of the city to get a pie for lunch. However we enjoyed the scenic drive back to Dunedin. And we ended up in a Nice Motel in the Centre of the City. "The Motel on York". Very nice. Good Value.

With the messing about with the B&B, we didn't explore downtown until Saturday. Very impressed. The name "Dunedin" is a very old name for Edinburgh, the Capital of Scotland. The early Settlers were Scottish and this is strongly reflected in the street names. We'd been told that the architecture was typically Scottish, however I can't agree with that. The city is bigger than I expected. According to Google the population is 127,000 although it feels bigger. The City of Edinburgh has a population of about 500,000 and is MUCH bigger.

Before the fiasco with the B&B, we visited the steepest street in the world and the lookout. The lookout was built in 1940 to celebrate the centennial of the European Settlement of Dunedin and Otago.

On Saturday morning, we visited the Burns Monument which is the centre piece of the city. We visited the Railway Station and the very impressive Settler's Museum. I really like architecture and both the Station and Museum are examples of outstanding restoration. The law courts are currently being renovated and I believe great things are planned for Cadbury's World.

We had a nice lunch in a cafe in Highgate after looking at the very impressive Boys High School. Our final walk as to visit the University of Otago. I've had dealings over the years with people here in connection with Exiv2. A few years ago, I read a forum discussing "The most beautiful University building in the World". Both Glasgow and Otago were discussed and compared. Otago is impressive. Glasgow is even more impressive due to it's location on Gilmour Hill overlooking the River Kelvin. The Otago campus beside the river is beautiful.

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