Greymouth, New Zealand

On Friday 7 January 2017, we drove across the Canterbury Plain and over the Southern Alps to Greymouth on the West Coast of New Zealand. A very beautiful drive. We stopped in a cafe for NZ Pie for lunch.

The weather forecast for the West Coast was rain and the weather deteriorated as we crossed the mountains. However the rain only set in hard about 7pm when we went to the supermarket. It didn't spoil the day, although a sunny clear day would have enabled us to see the mountains from the coast. The mountains were totally shrouded in cloud.

We booked a suite in Greymouth and were very pleased with the accommodation. The bathroom had a spa for two which we didn't use. There was a bedroom. Alison fixed fillet steak and baked potation in the lounge/kitchen.

When we arrived in Greymouth we left the exploration of the town for the following day. On the advice of the hotel proprietor, we visited the town of Hokitika. This was a busy port in the gold mining days of the 1860s. Greymouth is bigger and its economy was coal. Tourism is the primary industry today.

There is a daily train service to Greymouth which leaves Christchurch about 8:45am and returns about 6:15pm. It's a good modern train of about 6 coaches including a dining car. A return ticket is very good value at around $120 (NZ) which is about $80 (US). If we come this way again, I'd love to ride the train.

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