Auckland Sky Tower, New Zealand

Final photo album of our trip. 37 photo albums. 3106 photos. 84 photos/album. 50 photos/day. This Album is probably the most spectacular of the whole trip. The view from the Auckland Sky Tower.

Auckland is an impressive city. It's the only "real" city in New Zealand. Christchurch is a small city/big town. We haven't visited Wellington, however I believe it's the third most populous city in New Zealand. Auckland is not as big as the large cities of Australia which are Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. I believe Auckland is bigger than Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart.

The view of the "City of Volcanoes" is spectacular. It was nice clear blue sky evening. Housing seems to stretch as far as the eye can see to the North, West and South a distance of perhaps 30km. To the East lies the spectacular harbour, bridge and port facilities. The tall buildings in the central part of Auckland are very impressive. Lots of tall buildings in an active earthquake zone will be severely tested one day. I guess the older Victorian structures will suffer a similar fate as Christchurch. We'll discover the ability of 20th and 21st Century 20 storey structures to with-stand a major event. I don't expect any to fall in an earthquake, however some will be condemned and demolished.

I often want to finish every great trip by saying "Best Trip Ever". This trip was easily the equal of many journeys which I have described as "Best Trip Ever". For sure this was the longest in time, distance, folks visited and many other metrics. I'd like to thank our friends in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand for their generous hospitality and kindness. And to mention my life companion Alison for her organisational skills. I'd loose tickets, luggage, clothes and lots of other stuff without her to get the show together every day. I've also missed the family back in England and look forward to us all being together for a Burns Supper at our home on 28 January.

When we left Auckland Sky Tower, we drove to the Airport for the long flight home. 12 hours to Hong Kong. 12 hours to Heathrow. 3 hour wait in Hong Kong. We'll have some free booze on the plane to celebrate my birthday. It's good to be 66.

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