On Monday 9 January 2017, we had a day out in Tasman National Park. This is named after Dutch Explorer Abel Tasman. The Tasman Sea separates New Zealand from Australia and Tasmania.

We visited a lake that is fed by underground streams at Te Waikoropupu Springs in Golden Bay. I believe this is called a "resurgence lake" in New Zealand. The water is incredibly clear as there is no algae or other bio material coming from the source of the water. The water filters through the mountains and bubbles up through the sand on the floor of the lake. The colours of the water, rocks and plants are spectacular. Doug has been sub-aqua diving in the lake became protected as National Reserve. It's even more amazing when you're swimming below the surface.

We had a picnic on the way home. The road over the mountains has spectacular views over Tasman Bay to the town on Nelson. South Island is really beautiful and easily rivals Alaska and Scotland. The weather's better in New Zealand.

We'd like to thank Doug and Jan for their splendid hospitality in their beautiful home. And thank them for showing us this amazing place they call "home".

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