Victorian Oamaru, New Zealand

I was very impressed with the Victorian buildings in Oamaru when we arrived on Thursday. We decided to spend time on Friday morning to walk around and take photos. It's a very impressive town. Regrettably, I think most of the masonry will be severely damaged in a future earthquake.

I've been very impressed with the War Memorials in New Zealand. An unbelievable 10% of the adult male population of this country was sacrificed in the Great War. How did the Politicians running the British Empire ever consider this slaughter could be justified? The ANZACS died in such horrible circumstances so far from home. At least the people in New Zealand (and Australia) remember what happened. The stupidity and cost of war is terrible. Bush and Blair should be tried for War Crimes for the harm they have inflicted on Afghanistan, Iraq and their own people at home in the USA and the UK. Shame on them.

I was also interested in the rail system here. I saw a freight train at Oamaru on Thursday evening. I don't believe passenger services have operated here since about 2002. The freight lines seem quite extensive in the New Zealand. On a future trip to New Zealand, I'd like to explore the North Island. We'd fly in/out of Wellington, use the ferry to cross to South Island and travel on KiwiRail. What fun. We'll see.

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