August 2017

Not very much to say this month. The garden is looking great. Stuart and Nigel fitted the "old" kitchen units in the garage and Stuart finished the remaining plumbing chores. Chris will come in September to build "Yellow Brick Road 2" and that's the project finished!

We have lots of fun stuff planned for October and November. I'm on a diet (again) and looking forward to loosing weight. The open source project is occupying a lot of time. I'm hoping to make a "dot" release this year. I'll get a preview out in September and release it in December. Very pleased to be working with a very talented Engineer in Switzerland.

The weather in August has been disappointing. I hope we'll get a period of sustained good weather in September. The weather at August Bank Holiday (last weekend in August) is perfect. I hope this is (finally) Summer!

We've been working on Shelly and Jamie's Garden. Alison and I agreed to go there once a week. I cut the grass and hedge. Alison gives the flowers some attention. We decided to remove 8 holly trees which are growing within the hedge and at the rear of the garden. We hope to complete that work this year. Next year, we'll add bedding and paint their "pavilion" garden tea room. It's a very nice garden.

Summer House

Yellow Brick Road


Lawn and Summer House

Climbers on Fence

Lawn and Patio

Over kitchen fence

Over garden fence



Roger and Grass


Holly Gone


Pavilion and Grass

Grass and House

August Bank Monday



House and Patio


Path and Fence

Bedding and Lawn


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