Not much to say about February at the moment. We got home from our "round-the-world" trip in January. Really enjoyed the trip and happy to be home. By mid-February, winter was loosing it's grip and I cleaned the patio and cut the grass.

The highlight of the month was Jamie's 40th Birthday on 26 Febrary 2017. 40! How can our baby be 40? Well he is. Story: click here.

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Patio after winter

Needs a scrub

Getting ready

New Patio

Getting started

Pretty Messy

Summer House

Summer House

From the office

Complete Patio


Still Wet

Probably Good

Plaque for Sundial

Cleaned Up



Leave it to dry

From the office

Complete Patio

New Day

Looking Wonderful

Grass is good


Grass and House

House and Awning

Cut the grass

Looks Nice

Patio's really clean


Restored Furniture


Grass and Summer House

First cut of 2017

Winter Sunshine

From Office

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