Vacation 2017:


I was born in Largs in North Ayrshire. Very happy to be here on vacation with the family.

We had a couple of nights in an AirBnB in Cunningham Drive, Largs. Very nice. On Sunday evening, we walked round the part of town in which I was born and brought up. Visited the house in which I was raised, the school and other haunts.

On Monday, we climbed the hill at Douglas Park. Perfect Weather. As good as California. In the afternoon we went to visit my cousin and her husband. Monday Evening, we walked round "The Pencil", the Monument to the Battle of Largs which as fought in 1263. The Vikings were defeated and left Scotland.

The Paddle Steamer Waverley has been moored at Largs Pier since we arrived. We were planning to sail on her on Wednesday in Loch Fyne. I doubt if she will be sailing. There's a storm heading in from the Atlantic and it will be very wet on Wednesday morning. Oh well, there will be another time. Perhaps on the River Thames in September.

Bowling Green

Douglas Park Gardens


Burns Garden

Tam O' Shanter

About Burns

Tennis Courts

Firth of Clyde

Cumbrae, Bute and Arran


Cumbrae and Arran

Kyles of Bute


Mount Stewart

Largs and Firth

Bute Ferry

Firth of Clyde

New Largs School

Bonny Blink Cottage

Arran Hills

Arran and Cumbrae

Largs Bay


Cumbraes and Arran


Bute Ferry




Loch Shira and Loch Riddon








New School







3 Ferries and Waverley

Marina and Clydeport









Gogo Burn

Gogo Bridge

Arriving on Bowen Craig Walk

Arran and Cumbrae

Cumbrae and Bute

Rocklands Park

Bowen Craig Walk

View to Kyles of Bute

Boating Fun

The Pencil

Battle of Largs, 1263



Largs from the Pencil

Largs on Telephoto

Loch Shira

Hunterston Nuclear Power Stations

Clydeport and Windmills


Motor boats

View to north

Nice House

Really beautiful

John Street Apartments

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