Vacation 2017:


You cannot reach Holy Isle at High Tide, so it wasn't possible to go there until 12 noon on the day of our visit. It's about 2 miles across the causeway to the Island. The Island is very beautiful and home to about 200 people. The Castle at Lindisfarne is an icon of the Northumbrian Coast.

We enjoyed our walk on Holy Isle. We bought some a couple of bottles of Mead which we'll give to friends as something unusual.

The more we travel in the United Kingdom, the more I am impressed by what I see. When we were working, our time was dictated by the job and bosses insisting that (mostly pointless) stuff be completed to (mostly insane) schedules. I'm as busy as ever on the open source, however I determine the schedule and now have time to travel. However, even on vacation, I spend about 2-3 hours every day dealing with users. I reply to all queries within 24 hours and try to close issues within 7 days. A very good service for which I seldom receive any words of thanks.

I think Architecture in Britain in the period 1850-2000 is mostly ghastly. Many Victorian Civic Buildings and Churches are magnificent. However housing, schools and other brick and concrete buildings are hideous. When we left Lindisfarne, we drove through Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Horrible. The contrast with the medieval architecture of Lindisfarne, Berwick and Edinburgh is staggering. The industrial revolution heralded a low point for British Architecture. I'm optimistic that we might improve in the 21st Century. Time will tell.
















































































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