Mary's Birthday

Our next door neighbour Mary had a "round" birthday. They invited the neighbours to a very nice restaurant in Chobham for dinner. Thank You very much to David and Mary. Beautiful meal and very enjoyable evening.

Our neighbour Brian was delayed in Helsinki on business and was unable to join us until dessert time. The weather this week has been unusually cold and snowy. There is severe disruption to flights at Heathrow Airport. He may have missed out on dinner, however he was able to join us.

When the neighbours go out to eat, we normally go to the Indian Restaurant about 5 minutes walk from home. Tonight's meal was much more grand. I don't know that I would know how to cook any of the dishes we enjoyed. A gourmet feast. "Happy Birthday"" to Mary. "Thank You Mary and David" for the invitation and treat.

David next door

Alison and Sid

Mary and Alison



Sid, Mary and David

Wine and Champagne

Bread and Butters

Ali, David and Sid

Mary and Robin

Duck and Seafood

Alison and Dave's Starter


Sid's Fish

Dave's Steak

Roast Beef

Eileen and Brian

Carrot Dessert

Chocolate Desert

Can't remember

Tropical Desert

Happy Birthday



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