May 2017

May 2017 is an important month because we will declare the project "done". There's still some painting and decorating to complete, however all the jobs involving tradesmen will be finished. 2 long years since we started building on June 1, 2015.

Chris and Andy have done very good landscaping work to pave the area at the back gate and a create a path to the Summer House. Stuart has done a great job to finish the bathroom in bedroom 4. Jon has finished the electrics. Russell and his guys have finished all the floor and carpeting work. Alison has been busy painting. And I've worked hard in the garden. Alison and I have also put up blinds, curtains and many other jobs.

Irene and Robert arrived from the States on the Queen Victoria on Friday 5 May. We had a family gathering on Sunday 14 May. Very pleased to see Irene in England. Shelly's birthday is May 21 and we'll have a little family party.

We enjoyed a visit in May from my Adobe friend David. He was between jobs and decided to have a break from the pressures of Silicon Valley to chill out in England, drink some beer, catch up with chums and talk bollocks. Great to see David relax and enjoy himself. The world of work in the 21st Century is an awful place. Layoffs, unrealistic goals and impossible schedules. However it's the behaviour of the bosses that is very bad today. Why bother to manage, when bullying is an option. One day, the pendulum will swing and the bosses will change. When Health and Safety Regulations are applied in the office to stressed out engineers, bosses may find themselves facing consequences.

In June we're planning a week in the North of England and will visit the Lake District, Hadrian's Wall and Northumberland. The family vacation is a trip to Scotland in July. We're planning a trip "home" to the States in October.

It's been 3 years of very hard work since we retired. The house and garden have been transformed from nice to beautiful. Very happy with the result. Very happy with how Alison and I have cooperated to achieve this. Most of the tradesmen have done very good work. We hope to have a BBQ in the garden in August to thank them and to let them see the finished result.

Life is good.

Preparing the site



Sand Outside



Andy and Chris

First Slab

Tap tap tap

Bump bump bump





Buttering the slab




On the phone

Last muck today

Starting Day 2

Nice Day

Great Job

Looks very nice

The Sail

Sail for Patio

Sail and Awning


It's big

Under the sail

Plenty of height

Great Shade

Summer House

Digging Path



Chris and Chris

Path dug out

Blocks Ready



Starting to block

Mixing Area

Seeded grass

Glassonby Walk

Patios and Path

Looking great

From the summer house

Foundation's Ready


New Patio

Yellow Brick Road

Summer House



Chris & Chris



Outside Kitchen

Outside Garden

Very straight


Rhodies and Shrubs

Chris Shoveling

From the office

From Bedroom 3

From Bathroom-4


Great Job

Water the bricks

Very straight

Admiring the work

Last few blocks




Tidying up

Drying the tarp


Fix behind shed



New Hedge


Looks nice

Hedge still small

Clearing Up



From upstairs

Roses 1 and 2

Roses 3 and 4

Roses 5 and 6

Roses 7 and 8

Roses planted

Lizzie on patrol

Sniffing around

Bored and off

Computer Model

Lights at front















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