Vacation 2017:


On Friday, it was time to leave Portavadie. I loved every second here. After the family departed, Alison and I had a walk and took photos at the spa and around the complex.

This is one of the nicest places we've ever visited. The accomodation is exceptional. The scenery is beautiful. We had great company, lots of laughs, great breakfasts in the restaurant and home-cooked dinners in our beautiful apartment. Our visit to Mount Stuart on Wednesday was great and everybody enjoyed the 5.5 mile hike on Thursday. We enjoyed typical Scottish Summer Weather. A mix of sunshine, pouring rain, mist and showers. The weather was OK and didn't spoil our fun.

Alison and I left Portavadie to head for friends in Ayrshire. It's about a 2 hour drive. The ferry crossing to the mainland takes about about 15 minutes and waiting time is about the same. We drove through Dunoon and Innellan to visit the lighthouse at Toward Point. We had lunch in Kirn before getting the ferry at Hunter's Quay.





































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