Vacation 2017:


After Portavadie, we went to stay with Pat, Stewart and Ian in Saltcoats. Pat and Alison were childhood neighbours and have been lifelong friends. We didn't take photos in Saltcoats. The weather was autumnal. 14°C, raining and windy.

From Saltcoats we were heading to Berwick to visit Lindisfarne. It's about a 3 hour journey and I want to visit several place that have been developed while we were living in the States. The Ocean Terminal in Greenock now hosts cruise ships from around the world. The "Falkirk Wheel" on the Union Canal, the Kelpies on the Forth and Clyde Canal and the new Forth Bridge at Queensferry.

It's great to see those developments in Scotland. The Scotland of my childhood was one of heavy industry - coal, steel, ship-building, manufacturing. How things change. In 50 years, Scotland's economy is based on oil, finance, Universities, Whisky and other high value goods and services. The challenges are large and the progress is impressive. Very proud and impressed by the efforts on my country men.






















































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