I'm very proud to have worked for Adobe and with their products for half of my career. I was a Senior Computer Scientist at Adobe for 10 years. Before joining Adobe, I worked for 7 years as a PostScript Expert at Agfa and Canon. I also had a couple of Contracts with Adobe Acrobat before I retired.

We were invited to Adobe's Head Office in San Jose for lunch. Another couple of retired engineers joined us along with former co-workers who still work with the company. Simply wonderful to see everybody. Nobody looks a day older than when we first met about 20 years ago. However there are lots of young folks there. Times have changed and life rolls on.

Adobe's building in San Jose is beautiful. One of the nicest buildings I have ever seen. There has been extensive internal remodelling everywhere since I left in 2014. The rooms have been replaced with open plan furniture. I tried to find my old room on W8. I think I recognised the view from the window, however not a trace of my room remains.

For sure, I'm happy to be retired. We share our life and home in England with our family. When we lived in California for 15 years, I would see family once or twice in a year. Now it's almost daily. While living in California, Alison typically made 3 trips of 5-6 weeks every year to England. And although she enjoyed the weather in California, being close to the family is more important. We've never been happier.

Since retiring in 2014, Alison and I have extensively remodelled our house in England. I've put a substantial effort into the Exiv2 open source project. Exiv2 has been more-or-less a full time unpaid job. With the next release of the project in Spring 2018, I plan to retire from that. I leave the project in good shape with a team of great folks to develop the technology into the future.

So 2018 will be a transition. No more building or software projects. I will bring my contribution to Software Technology to a close. We've now completed 3 of the 10 topics on the Bucket List. Time for more fun and less work. Very happy.














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