We've come to Houston, TX to visit my sister and family. Sydney is three today. And a very charming little girl indeed. We last visited Houston in February 2015 when she was 4 months old. Thanks to Facebook, we don't feel far from the family in Houston. So, although Sydney has no idea who we are, we know her!

Kirsten came to join us from Ohio. She hasn't been here for a few months and Sydney's Birthday and our visit was incentive enough to come to Houston for the weekend. There will be a birthday party on Saturday and I expect her school-chums will be super-charged with sugar. Sometimes the dulling of my hearing is advantageous.

Houston was hit by a massive rain storm in September. Hurricane Harvey. Cleanup operations are very impressive. At first glance, things appear to be back to normal. However, this is an illusion. There are tens of thousands of unoccupied houses and lots of building work. A staggering 500,000 cars have been written off.

I suspect many water damaged houses will be demolished and rebuilt in the next 5-10 years. Houston is a very large city - the 4th largest in the USA (after NY, LA and Chicago). The housing stock in Houston is mostly good. Brick bungalows built in the 1960s. Many have been demolished and replaced by mini-mansions. Harvey will accelerate this process. For sure, the housing stock in Houston is much better than Silicon Valley. Anybody out of work in the States today should go to college, get some construction skills and come to live in Houston.





















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