What a blast. We are very happy to have lived in California for 14 years. Very happy to have retired in England. Very happy to be able to return to California to visit our old friends.

Alison and I have visited all 50 of the United States. When asked "Which is your favorite?", I always reply "My home State of California, of course!".

After the visit to Napa Valley and Silicon Valley (thank you David, Poje's and for your hospitality), we had a wonderful trip to the Sierras to visit Carol and Doug. Very nice. Their house is beautiful. And then to Oakland to stay with Tracey and Sig in their new home. We visited and stayed with them in 2013 when they lived in North Dakota.

Before flying home on Monday evening from SFO, we had a day to drive over to the Marin Headlands which is one of our favourite haunts in the Bay Area from my running days. The views of Golden Gate Bridge are one of the most photographed places in the World. So great to be here again.

Our 2017 visit to the United States has been 40 days of fun and terrific visits to friends. It has been great. We'll never live in this wonderful country again, however we intend to make regular trips "home" in the United States in the years ahead. Thank You everybody for your hospitality and friendship. We hope to return your hospitality one day in England. Welcome. Please Visit.













































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