Battle of Concord

We went with our friends Peter and Donna to visit "Minute Man National Historic Site". This is where the Battle of Concord and Lexington was fought in 1775.

I haven't totally understood the events of 19 April 1775. I understand the consequences which are profound. The Birth of the USA.

Friction has been mounting for some time in "The Colonies". The Americans were unhappy that Britain was raising tax and and repatriating money to England. England sent a small army to exert colonial power. As they advanced inland, Paul Revere rode through Towns and Villages alerting the locals with the cry "The British are Coming".

The Minute Men gathered their muskets. The inevitable fighting began when 400 colonists ambushed 120 British Soldiers at North Bridge, a couple of miles from Concord. As the British were forced to retreat to Boston, more conflagrations were fought in Lexington and Arlington.

A year later, on July 4 1776, the Declaration of Independence was made in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania. This was followed by 7 long years of the War of Independence. This culminated in the seige at Yorktown and the defeat of Britain in 1783. 4 years later, following the Constitutional Convention, General Washington became the First President of the USA.

The Battle of Concord is celebrated by the a Public Holiday on "Patriot's Day". This is the third Monday in April and is the day on which the Boston Marathon is run.

After our visit, we went for dinner in a pub in Concord. Best Natchos Ever. Thank You Donna and Peter for an wonderful visit. So nice to spend time with you.

















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