We went to visit Shauna in Montara, California on Halloween. We visited her in 2014 on Halloween and were very surprised to discover that Montara is "Ghost Central". The whole village participates in a "Night of the living dead.". It's hard to believe. Most of the houses have lights and folks turn their houses and garages into "Haunted Houses" and the like. And lots of witches, zombies and other weirdo's roam the streets.

We also enjoyed catching up with Shauna and Drew. Shauna has been sick with flu and making a good recovery. She's a wonderful musician and entertained us on her piano with Schubert and Chopin.

We stayed in a motel in Montara and on Wednesday went to visit Barbara and Ansel who, coincidentally, live in the same street as Shauna. Great to catch up with them. Barbara is recovering well from a knee replacement. They've acquired an RV since our last visit. They're very busy with their open source project and generally enjoying life.

Then we headed "over the hill" back to Silicon Valley for dinner with Robert and Geri in Sunnyvale. On Thursday we had lunch with Feddies and Susan. Such a busy trip. So many great folks to visit and catch up with the adventures in their lives.





















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