JFK Presidential Library

We visited the JFK Presidential Library in Boston, MA. A must visit. Beautiful building. Very interesting tour and exhibitions. To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of JFK's birth on 29 May 1917, the library has a "JFK100" Exhibition in the Special Exhibition Facility.

President Kennedy was an inspirational orator, charismatic man, visionary leader and successful author. He was the youngest President to take the oath of office at the age of 43. He steered the country through very difficult cold war situations, into the time of Civil Rights and the start of the conflict in Vietnam. We watched his Inaugural Speech which contains the immortal line "Ask not what your Country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.". The contrast between the words of Kennedy and Trump is staggering. Only 56 years have elapsed.

Alison and I were in Elementary School at the time of Kennedy's Presidency. He wasn't a baby boomer. However he was the President who shaped the political culture that has defined the boomers. I am inspired by the words of Kennedy and feel a call to action. I am repelled by the words of Trump. I'm getting old.

There are 15 in Presidential Libraries which house the papers of the President. They are also a museum containing artefacts of the President, his family and everyday things of the time in which he was in office. We've visited 10 and will also visit FDR in New York and Carter in Georgia on this trip. One day we hope to visit Ford in Grand Rapids and Hoover in Iowa. Obama's Library will be built in Illinois and the papers will be available on-line.

Alison and I haven't been "home" in the USA for almost 3 years. I'm thrilled to be here. I love this country.








































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