Leaving Newport

We completed walking the cliff-top path in Newport. The second half isn't a simple paved path. We had to clamber rocks, pools and other obstacles. We used the streets to walk back to our vehicle and enjoyed seeing the mansions from the other side. A very beautiful walk. Newport, Rhode Island is a very beautiful place.

There are about 100 mansions in Newport. They were built in late-Victorian times by very rich East-Coast "millionaires". Some have been demolished. Some have been restored by the local preservation society. Some are in private ownership and at least one is owned by a Silicon Valley billionaire. Most have have been beautifully divided into condominiums and time shares. A substantial area is occupied by Salve Regina University. Gosh, what a campus! No University could claim a more beautiful location.

After our walk, it was time for a 5 hour drive to New York State, mostly across the State of Connecticut where we enjoyed a 3 day vacation in 2003. Our destination was the Roosevelt Presidential Library in Hyde Park. We're staying in a hotel across the road and will walk there tomorrow. This is (at least) my fifth visit to New York State. It's great to be here.


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