Los Gatos Run

We met up with some of our buddies in Los Gatos to run and have breakfast. So great to see so many "old" facies. Thank you for coming. Thank You to Ian, Charlene, Jim, Rebecca, Sandy, Michael, Rob, Hazel, Nadine, John and Heather. Graham and Leslie joined us for breakfast. And Paul turned up too late to join the run. Thank You Everybody for your friendship and company.

I took about 8 photos and unfortunately deleted them in error from my laptop beofe they had been backed up. I've never done that before.

On Sunday we met up with Michelle and family. Well, not Jonas who was on a trip with friends to Yosemite. Great to see you all. To meet Roberto for the first time. And of course smart little guy Camryn who's 16 months. Noe has grown a lot in the 3 years since we say him last.

Michelle is training for "Big Foot 200 miler" in the Cascade Mountain of Washington State on 10-14 August 2018. I'm going to train in 2018 to pace her over 4 sections of about 12 miles on consecutive days. This will give me the motive and determination to loose the 30 pounds I'va gained since I retired 3 years ago. We'll be in Washington for a week's family vacation while Michelle is off running 200 miles. Lunacy? Of course!









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