We had a day out in Maryland. We went to visit the brother and sister of our friend Denise who lives in Arizona. We met David and Jill at Allison's wedding in Seattle in 2011. Great to see them again on their home turf. Huge excitement, Allison gave birth to her first baby on Friday. Jordan arrived at 7½ pounds. Mom and Baby are both fine.

After lunch, Alison and I decided to visit Annapolis which is both the State Capital and home of the US Naval Academy. It's a modest little 18th century colonial/seaside town. Apart from the weather, it almost feels like Cornwall. The State Capitol is a very beautiful building and served as the National Capitol for a short time following independence. It was here that General Washington Resigned his commission in the Army following the Victory at Yorktown and the defeat of the British in 1783.


























































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