New York

We went to visit my old chum Gord and his wife Stephanie who live in Jersey City, New Jersey. They live across the Hudson from the Freedom Tower in Manhattan. The view across the river cannot be described in words. Without question one of the most stunning urban landscapes on Earth.

We haven't seen Gord for 25 years and were reunited in August by Facebook. How Facebook knew we had worked together in 1992 is a mystery. The days of privacy are over. Anyway, we've been happily reunited.

While Gord and Stephanie went to work, Alison and I had a day out in New York City. We took the underground to the World Trade Centre and took the trip to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The Freedom Tower that has replaced the Twin Towers is beautiful. The "Occulus" train terminal is very impressive. The cruise and visit to the Islands was wonderful. After dinner, we walked by the Hudson and took photos of New York below a Full Moon. A wonderful day.

Thank you Gord and Stephanie for your hospitality. I hope you'll come to visit us in England.






























































































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