Newport, Rhode Island

One of the best vacation days ever. Fantastic and enjoyable day. We did many things:

  1. Bus tour of Newport.
    We visited the places we drove past on Sunday.
    The bus driver's commentary provided lots of detail.
  2. Lunch and a walk around town.
  3. A one hour boat trip on the Bay.
    The "captain" and narrator was a very nice guy. Great fun.
    There were only us and a couple from Galveston, TX.
  4. An afternoon nap at the hotel.
  5. A 3 mile walk along the coast path at sunset. So beautiful.
  6. Dinner in the pub across the road from our hotel

A great day. Newport is as beautiful as Largs and much more prosperous. The weather has been sensational. About 25C. No wind. Not a cloud in the sky. Simply perfect. It's end of season, so the place is quiet. Beautiful.















































































































































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