There was a family birthday party at Fiona's house on Sunday for Sydney. Loads of friends and family members. Cake, candles and all that kind of thing.

Sydney is a very smart and charming little girl. And she speaks very well. When we left, she called after us "Bye Bye, Aunty Ali. Bye Bye, Uncle Robin".

Alison and I were very impressed by the size and architecture of Fiona's house. It's big. 4 bedrooms and lots of public space. Fiona has an office and works from home. For sure you get better value when buying property in the States. House prices in Surrey are about 3 to 4 times that of Houston. I think English houses are stronger and better built when they are new. Older houses in England are often in "so so" condition when sold.

Another remarkable thing about American Homes (and hotel rooms) is the use of granite counter tops. I couldn't believe the price we paid in 2015 for the tops in our kitchen. I think it was about $75/sq foot. We saw a sign in Virginia "Counter tops, supplied and fitted $29.95/sq foot.". Why is it so expensive in England? Similar with new houses. In Virginia, brand new 2000 sq foot homes for $300,000. England: $1,000,000+.

















































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