We came to Raleigh, North Carolina for a couple of reasons. To visit my open source friends at Alien Skin Software. To visit my old running buddy Jill who lives here. We've been here once before in 2006.

We had lunch with the Alien Skin folks. Very nice. Thanks for your company. Then we went to visit the State Capitol and the State Museum. Both very nice. Lots of nice statues and buildings.

North Carolina is quite densely populated. There are 10 million people here. There are two cities: The Raleigh/Durham complex in the East has 500,000 people. Raleigh is the State Capital. Charlotte in the west has 850,000 people. The state is flanked by beautiful mountains in the West and the Atlantic Coast on the East. The economy is mostly agriculture and tobacco has been a major crop in the past. I believe there's a strong technology and banking industry. Tourism on the coast and mountains are part of the economic mix.











































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