Rhode Island

Alison and I are very proud to have visited all 50 of the United States. At least 35 have been visited more than once. A few have been give the "lunch and move on" treatment followed by longer stays. On this trip, we give respect to Rhode Island and New Jersey by staying a couple of nights.

We had a walk in the State Capital of Providence, Rhode Island. The State Capitol is a huge and impressive building. We were also surprised by the Railway Station which has been recently refubrished. The brand new exterior is really impressive.

For about a century, the America's Cup was dominated by one place. Newport, Rhode Island. I was brought up in the seaside town of Largs on the Firth of Clyde. Many challengers were built on the Clyde and defeated by "The Yanks" in competition at Newport. However the domination ended with Australia in 1983. Since then Kiwis, Australians, Switzerland and other American Teams have been victorious in the "America's Cup". However, I expect that one day the America's Cup will return to Newport.

We are delighted to be here. Newport is connected to Jamestown by a mile long suspension bridge. Alison and I had lunch in Jamestown in 2002 when we drove from Connecticut to Cape Code. Rhode Island was given the "lunch and move on" treatment. It's great to return and spend a couple of days in this beautiful place.























































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