Great Smoky Mountains

We're on a mission to visit all 47 National Parks of the "Lower 48". This is number 37. Great Smoky Mountains National Park - usually reduced to "Smokies".

The Park is really beautiful. There are three ranges of mountains in the States. The Sierras in the west, the Rockies are the "backbone" of the continent. The Appalachians in the East. They are the oldest and most worn down. The highest peak is less than 7000' above sea-level. However they are intensely vegetated with rain forest. In the destructive way of Victorians, a lot of lumber was logged in the nineteenth century. Without the protection of the forest, the rivers clogged with silt. There was public outcry and money was raised by public subscription to purchase the land. The Park was opened by FDR in 1940.

I'm delighted to say that the visible destruction of the region has repaired. The park is beautiful and very peaceful. All the National Parks are unique and special places. Temperate rain forest and mountains. Home to huge bio-diversity. The Smokies are special.



















































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