Vacation 2017:


On our return home from vacation, we stayed with our friend Elisabeth in Sheffield. After a sunny start, the rain arrived in mid-morning. By 5pm, it was a sunny and lovely Summer Evening.

Despite the rain, we visited the Botanical Gardens in Sheffield, then drove across the moors to the village of Hope for afternoon tea. We returned by a different road and past a couple of scenic reservoirs in the Yorkshire Dales.

The Botanical Gardens were built in Victorian Times and had fallen into severe neglect by the late 20th Century. They were restored about 2002 by a combination of money from public grants, the National Lottery and donations. Much of the garden maintenance is performed by volunteers. Despite the rain (which makes the place so lush and green), the colour and variety of planting in the garden is very beautiful. The restored glass houses host exotic plants from around the world.

We've been to visit Elisabeth about 5 times since she came to live in Sheffield about 5 years ago. Yorkshire is a very beautiful place. The cities are "rust belt" and working hard to rebuild and adjust to a life after coal and steel. The challenges are considerable and progress is impressive. However, it's the countryside of Yorkshire that impresses me most. Yorkshire is beautiful.

Thank You very much to Elisabeth for your hospitality and company. We look forward to seeing you soon in Camberley or in Sheffield.








































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