February 2018

2018 has started with great optimism. We're 6 weeks into 2018 and everything is going well. Jamie and Alan have new jobs and happy at work. Shelly and Jamie are planning a major building project and got tree surgeons to remove 8 huge trees at the bottom of their garden where they will build an annex.

February is more-or-less the end of winter. This year has been colder, sunnier and frostier than usual. I've been dieting and walking about 10 miles most days. It's great to see the days getting longer and I'm looking forward to spring arriving in March.

I've lost about 10 pounds/5kg. I hope to loose another 20/10 by May 6 and run in the 10K at Frimley Park Hospital. The cold frosty weather is good for walking and I've discovered lots of new trails near home. When I attended Toastmasters on February 15, a couple of folks remarked on my appearance. Very motivating.

Now that the building work is complete, we're dealing with furniture. We purchased a cabinet for the dinning room to house the music system. It's 4 long years since we've been able to enjoy listening to music on our equipment. Beautiful room.

We intend to get new sofas for the family room. In March/April, Alison will tackle the remaining painting tasks and I have plans for the garden. I hope we can invite the building contractors to visit in June to see the house totally finished.

Next year, we'd like to go to my family in Houston, Texas for the Burns Celebrations in January and follow that with a road trip in Florida. In 2015 we did that and drove 3600 miles in the great State of Texas. Lots to see in Florida including Miama, Key West and 3 National Parks.



Another Cold Day

Frosty Morning

Winter Dawn


Winter Afternoon

Patio in Winter

Winter Shrubs

Almost Spring

Looking beautiful

Patio and House

From the garden

From the path





Garden Panorama

Drive and House

Winter Sunshine

Lizzie again

The Tower

Dinning Table

Table and Hi-fi

Beautiful Room

Sunny Outside

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