January 2018

Not very much to say about January 2018. I enjoyed my birthday celebrations and I've posted the photos in a separate album.

I've started training for Big Foot 200 and very pleased at how quickly I am getting stronger. Very disappointed in my weight loss. The weather has been quite good and I've been able to walk/run most days. There was one snowy day and one or two days which were very wet. It's good to get out for some fresh air and exercise.

We were invited to the Burns Supper at Camberley Rugby Club by our friend Harry. We had a very nice evening. Because we were guests, I left the camera at home. So there are no photographs. We've also been to the movies on three occasions. We really enjoyed "Darkest Hour" and "The Post" both of which have been nominated for Oscars in March.

There are unusual lunar events this month. A blue moon (two full moons in a single calendar month). A super moon (when the moon is unusually large/close) A blood lunar eclipse (when the moon in red). There will be two blue moons in 2018 which only occurs twice in a century. This combination of events only occurs every 150 years.



















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