Burns Supper - Houston, 2004

The National Poet of Scotland is Robert Burns (1759-1796). His birthday is 25 January and is celebrated across the world in Scottish communities in the Burns Supper. This is a formal dinner at which kilts and evening attire are worn. Speeches are made about the life of Burns and toasts proposed and made. The menu always includes Haggis, potatoes and turnip. We like to go to Houston Texas for the weekend to visit my sister and her family. We join with various Scottish families in Houston for a Burns Supper.

This year the hosts were Rosemary and Jim Haggarty - and it was truly a glittering occasion. Jim addressed the haggis from memory - a truly impressive achievement. Robert made the key-note toast "To The Immortal Memory of Robert Burns". Alistair proposed the toast "To the lassies" and Kirsty replied. I made the toast "Land of my birth and adopted country".

Robert was wearing his new kilt - tartan "Boyd" of course (his name is Dr Robert Boyd), and of course I had my new "California" kilt. The other guests were dressed in their finest - with lots of tartan in evidence. We returned home well after midnight with the intention of some more boozing - however I fell asleep. A really great night.

Kate and Alan McCartney have always been there in the past - however this year they were off on a cruise. We were joined by an American couple Richard and Sammy Burnett who visited Scotland for the first time in September 2003. They walked the West Highland Way, and visited Skye, Inverness and Edinburgh.

Thank you Jim and Rosemary for doing the honours.

Robin in the gear

Robin and Ali in the gear

Robert and Irene in the gear

Ali in the gear

Robert ready to go

Kirsty in the gear

Everybody ready to go

Everybody again

Jim - our host

Kirsty, Ali and Irene

Robert reaching for first drink

Rosemary - our hostess

Robin and Rosemary



Mary - out of focus

Mary and Robert


The lounge

Dinner table1

Dinner table2

The guests

Alistair and wine

Talking bollocks

Looking east (to Ayrshire)

Rosemary awake

Jim and the haggis

To a haggis

Ahhhhh haggis

After dinner drams

The Immortal Memory

To the lassies

More to the lassies

Kirsty - reply from the lassies

Mary, Robin and Rosemary

No improvement

Robert looking thoughtful

Irene looking thoughtful

Alistair looking thoughtful

Richard again

Sammy, Robert, Mary and Robin

Kirsty, Sammy, Robert and Robin

Alistair again

Ali and Jim

Richard and Ali

Robin in blue

Irene smoking

Rosemary and Irene

Ali and Jim again

Sammy again

Richard, Ali and Jim

Robin - Scotland and the USA

Robin speaking

And so

Robert and Robin

The gentlemen

The ladies

Robert in Boyd tartan

Irene and Robert at home

Robin and Kirsty

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