On Saturday Jan 31, Ali and I went for a walk in San Francisco. We had to go the city to get my kilt which was been altered. It was waist 36inches, and I had to have it reduced to 31! Anyway, after we had recovered the kilt, we went for a walk to let Ali see where I had run in the US Half Marathon in October 2003. Photos at Marathons. We walked over the bridge and back. There's no doubt, Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most impressive things I've ever seen. It's more than a bridge - it's an Icon of the United States. Running across it and back in the US Half Marathon was an unforgettable experience - as well as very demanding. The route up and down hills in the Presidio leading onto the bridge were tough. The path under the bridge on the North Shore was truly brutal.

Montage from Golden Gate Bridge




Ali and SF Bay

Ali and Alcatraz

Ali and Golden Gate Bridge

Ali and GGB2

Ali and GGB3

Ship coming into the Bay

Robin, US Flag and GGB

Ali at start of bridge

AISC Plaque

San Francisco and PO Ship

Opening Plaque

25th Anniversary plaque

PG&E Plaque

Ali at the south tower

Barge and tugs

Beautiful SF Bay

Barque getting closer




Barge sailing under bridge

Ali about to jump

From middle of bridge

Looking toward Twin Peaks

Robin and Ali at North Tower

Ali and Robin at North Tower

Looking down on North Shore

Looking down the centre line

Ali in the North car park

Ali again in north parking lot

View of SF from North Shore

Another view across the bay

Under the bridge

I ran up path on US Half

Start of cycle path

Ali at toll plaza

Sunset at Golden Gate

Robin at sunset

Robin, sunset on Alcatraz

Ship sailing through Golden Gate

Back at the parking lot

Montage from Golden Gate Bridge

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