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February 4, 2008

San Jose
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In Memorium of Carlo Flores: September 27, 1925 - February 4, 2008

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of my old friend Carlo Flores. I'll miss you, Carlo. He passed peacefully on Monday, February 4, 2008 at the age of 82.

Ali and I got to know Carlo on the TNT Walk Team in 2002. He's a one-off kind of guy. His enthusiasm was extraordinary. Whatever Carlo tackled, he gave his best and then some. He took up marathoning in his late 70s and was second in his division at the San Diego Rock'n'Roll Marathon in 2002 with a terrific 6:05 time. Good stuff. A lot of people half his age would be happy to do that on their first marathon.

I went with him to Tahoe in 2004 to run the marathon. He succeeded in hood-winking me to believe it was his 80th birthday. Indeed it was - he was 79 one week earlier! Anyhow, we had a really nice time. With about half a mile to go, Carlo said "On you go Robin, run on to the finish.". I said "Why? I've stayed with you all this way. Can't we finish together?". And Carlo retorted: "No. Run on and take my photo as I finish!".

Carlo enjoyed a successful and happy life, however his last couple of years were rather gray. He suffered a severe stroke in May 2006. Although he tackled the road to recovery with indominable spirit, he sadly recorded a DNF (did not finish) in this final marathon of his life.

Carlo is survived by his wife Ruth and his four children. I know Carlo's son Gary and grandson Tony who live in Cupertino. I've met Carlo's daughter Susan and granddaughter Jeanne who live in Alabama. To all the Flores family, Ali and I extend our deepest condolence.

There was a Memorial Service and lunch for Carlo on Wednesday February 13, 2008. Thank you to the Flores family for inviting us to share in your sadness and remember Carlo. And Thank You to Carlo's TNT friends Tracy, Penny and Debbie who were with us at the Service along with many of Carlo's other friends and family.

Catholic Mass in Redwood City at Saint Matthias Church
1685 Cordilleras Road
Redwood City, CA 94062
ph: 650-366-9544

I give thanks for the life of Carlo. Life's more fun with friends like Carlo. Photos: click here.

And coming up....

We're planning a vacation in the Western United States in May. This will include a visit to the Grand Canyon with our friends Denise and Richard. We're going to walk to the bottom of the Canyon and spend two nights at Phantom Ranch.

We're really excited and looking forward to this adventure. We'll drive from San Jose and visit Mt Whitney, Death Valley and Las Vegas before arriving at Grand Canyon. We'll return via San Diego and Los Angeles where we'd like to visit President Reagan's Library. This is the first time we've made a long road trip from San Jose. It'll be fun.

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