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April 29, 2008

San Jose
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Elvira and Charles get married

Our running buddies Elvira and Charles were married on April 23, 2008. The wedding was a private family affair in a Lodge in Yosemite. They held a reception for their friends at Picchetti Winery on Saturday April 26, 2008. It was very nice. Some wine tasting, lots of lovely food and great company. Best Wishes to Elvira and Charles for their future life together.

Photos: Reception and Presentation.

And coming up....

We're planning a vacation in the Western United States in May. This will include a visit to the Grand Canyon. We're going to walk to the bottom of the Canyon and spend two nights at Phantom Ranch. And our friends Denise and Richard will join us for the Grand Canyon Adventure.

We're really excited and looking forward to that. We're going to drive from San Jose and we'll also visit Mt Whitney, Death Valley and Las Vegas. And probably return via San Diego and Los Angeles. We'd like to visit President Reagan's Library. This is the first time we've made a long road trip from San Jose. It'll be fun.

And then the next big event is the Western States Endurance Run. This is a 100 mile ultra marathon and I'm "Station Captain" at the Last Chance Aid Station (mile 43). I'm looking forward a lot to this. Photo and story from 2007: click here.

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