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June 4, 2008

San Jose
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Andrew's 50th Birthday

My wonderful friend Andrew is 50 today and there's only one gift I could possibly give: a poem. My ultimate accolade. I only do this for folks who are close and dear - and then only on special occasions. I printed the artwork and had it framed for him. Enjoy!

Dr Johnson is my friend and a chap fine
His wife Penny's a running buddy of mine
Now Andrew's 50 today
A Half Century they say
And my gift is this limerick and rhyme
But it's not all wonderful and wealth
Andrew's had a rough ride with his health
Leukemia and bone marrow transfusion
With medical prognosis confusing
Damocle's sword pursues him with stealth
Now Andrew's come a long way
Since born to parents Col and Elsie
Friday's child is loving and giving
With brother David he's a twinning
June 4, 58 in Australia - a long way away
However Penny helped by running away
26.2 miles at first, then 50 and 100 K
With TNT to raise money
For Cancer Research in California sunny
Lizzie at Napa completed the marathon way
The twins grew up and Andrew went to work
At Telstra to cable their network
"This job's a bore
I'll escape to another shore
A PhD in video tech will bring me luck"
I'd like to share with you all
Why in love with this family I did fall
All their chums with me will agree
With the Johno's is a great place to be
On vacation in Montana, Dakota or Yosemite
Mind you, he'd already had a great break
When beautiful blonde Penny as wife he did take
All over the world they did roam
10 years in California they've made home
With Lizzie, Alice and Angus
    a marvellous family make
So pick up your glasses and join me today
In celebrating Andrew's 50th Birthday
"Cheers cobber, she'll be right, G'day"
(Or any other Aussie phrases you can say)
Three cheers for our mate Andrew:
    "Hip Hip Hip - Hooray!"
And coming up....

We're looking forward to a visit to California from our son Jamie who lives in England. He's going to be with us for 10 days at the end of June.

And while Jamie's here, we're all going to the Western States Endurance Run. This is a 100 mile ultra marathon and I'm "Station Captain" at the Last Chance Aid Station (mile 43). Photos and story from 2007: click here.

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