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July 18, 2008

San Jose
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Jonas Birth - July 18, 2008

Great Excitement. My running buddy Michelle had her first baby today. Jonas weighed in at a very impressive 8lb 10oz. Everybody's fine. The baby was born at 1am. When Ali and I arrived to visit about 3pm, we found the whole family sleeping in the hospital room. Gustavo was snoozing and cuddling the baby. Michelle was having a rest. Jonas was sleeping.
Birthday Photos: click here.

Anyway, everybody's fine. The baby looks lovely and pink and healthy. And Michelle looked radiant. Gustavo was purring. Jonas hardly opened his eyes. The family will probably be home tomorrow or Sunday and Michelle's Mom, brother and sister are coming at the end of the month to share the moment. Photos: click here.

Congratulations to Michelle and Gustavo. Best Wishes for your future family life.

And coming up....

Nothing much planned at the moment. We'll have to dream up some new exciting things. Ali will probably visit the family and grandchildren in England later in the year. When the kids are back at school, we hope flights will be a little less expensive.

And I'm registered to run in Silicon Valley Marathon at the end of October. I've got to get into some serious training for that. I'd like to qualify again for Boston. We'll see.

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