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September 28, 2008

San Jose
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Lizzie's Birthday and Trailblazer 10k

Lizzie is 18 today. Many Happy Returns. We all went to run in the Trailblazer 10k at the Microsoft Campus in Mountain View. Elvira invited us. This is the first time Elvira has run in an event since giving birth to Thomas on July 7. And she looked great and ran really well. She beat me. I wasn't surprised. I haven't run for 3 weeks and did a pathetic 57 mins. I was shameful really. Good running, Elvira.

The stars of the show however are the Johnson girls who both won their age divisions. Well Done. Congratulations to them. A chip of the old blocks really. They're going to be wonderful athletes, just like their parents Penny and Andrew.

And some good running by other members of the Striders. Peggy, John S, Bill G and Bill D were there. And Charles was doing daddy-duty and looking after Thomas. Good to see you all.

Photos: click here.

And coming up....

Ali's in England for a month visiting the family. And I've gone back to work. I'm delighted to say that my friend Dennis asked me to work as a temporary employee at his company. And I'm really enjoying it. Gaylord's coming next weekend, then I'm pacing Dennis at the Firetrails the following Saturday. I'm supposed to be running Silicon Valley Marathon on Oct 26 when Ali will be back. I haven't been training. I'm going to see if I can downgrade to the Half Marathon - that'll be enough at the moment. No Boston finish this year.

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