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March 18, 2009

San Jose
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Dinner with the Etchells

I was really surprised and delighted to receive an email in January from an old friend Lesley. Thanks to the miracle of Facebook, she'd realised that my running buddy (and boss) Dennis is a common friend. Goodness, I haven't seen her and husband Graham for 25 years. Graham, Lesley and I worked together in the early 80s at General Electric in Camberley, England.

So we all got together for a wonderful dinner and a chat about the good old days. Anybody who ever said anything bad about British cooking would change their mind with the feast we enjoyed. Ali (from Scotland) provided Indian starters which were followed by Graham (from England)'s pork dinner with potatoe, spinach, nuts and garlic. Terri (from New Zealand) provided a fantastic Kiwi Pavlova. Gordon Ramsay would be proud of us. Fresh local produce, simple recipes, beautiful food.

My sons, Alan and Jamie, were about 5 or 6 when I worked with Lesley and Graham. I used to take the boys swimming a couple of times a week. That was "Dad's Time". I'd go with the boys and Ali would stay home. Graham and Lesley sometimes came with us. It's hard to believe that Alan is now 33 years old (about the same age that I was then) and of course has 2 beautiful children of his own. Graham and Lesley have hardly changed. I'm a lot grayer, Graham's a little follicly challenged, Lesley's more charming than ever, and Ali hasn't changed a bit.

Thanks guys. Ali and I were thrilled to see you again after so many years. We look forward to more happy get togethers now that we're reunited.

And coming up....

I'm very pleased indeed to have been invited to stay at Novariant for another 6 months. It's been real fun to go back to work and I've been enjoying both the project and being with the team. Of course, it's been quite demanding and stressful - life in technology always is. I'm very grateful to Dennis for making this possible.

We're planning a vacation in 2009 with the 'holiday gang' to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, Wyoming. This will be either July or August - we're still in the planning process at this time. And gosh, with the state of the economy, I'm rather doubtful if this will happen. We'll see.

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