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March 30, 2009

San Jose
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March 27, 2009 was our 35th wedding anniversary. Goodness 35 years. I can't believe it. The 28 happiest years of my life!

Because of the state of the economy we decided not to do anything special this year. In the past we've celebrated our "round" anniversaries in style. We had our honeymoon on Jersey, so at 10 years we took a trip there with the boys. At 20 we went to Lapland. 25 we went to Australia and 30 we were in Hawaii.

However in the end we decided to have a one-night vacation in California. We went to Nevada City - one of the gold mining towns in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I recently heard somebody on the radio talking about the film festival there and though "ummm, that sounds like an interesting place". So when Ali asked "Can we go to somewhere we haven't been before?" Nevada City sprunk instantly to mind.

We stayed in a new hotel in Grass Valley. It was really nice. At $150 for the room, it was rather more than we usually spend. However it was a corner suite with double aspect windows. The room was really nice. Free pre-dinner cocktails and a nice breakfast. Good value.

Dinner in a local restaurant was a little disappointing. No complaints. However no praise either.

Saturday was a real fun day. We went to visit Nevada City. What a place. It's the most authentic wild west town we've ever visited. I was surprised when the lady in the bar said she didn't have trouble with guys with guns fighting with each other "rolling around in the mud and the blood and the beer". Then we visited the Empire Historic Mine State Park. They mined gold there from 1850 until 1956. I believe mining in California may resume soon as the price of gold makes this attractive. When we went to visit the museum in Grass Valley, we found it closed for the winter. We kept the best for last - a visit to the Nevada County Narrow Guage Railroad Museum.

Incidentally the town of Nevada City was originally called Nevada - the Spanish word for snow. However when the State of Nevada was born in 1863, the town's name was changed to avoid confusion. Nevada City is in California about 50 miles from the border with the State of Nevada. The town boasts that "it's facing its future by preserving its past". A proud and genuine boast. This is a "must visit". Very highly recommended.

Grass Valley: click here.
Nevada City: click here.
Historic Mine: click here.
Railroad Museum: click here.

And coming up....

Things are going well at work. I've started working on a new project and providing support to the test team as the 'old' project goes through final test. It's been really good working on this project. After it ships, I'll tell you what I've been doing. It's mega cool - you'll be surprised.

We're planning a vacation in 2009 with the 'holiday gang' to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, Wyoming. This will be either July or August - we're still in the planning process at this time. And gosh, with the state of the economy, I'm rather doubtful if this will happen. We'll see.

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