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April 22, 2009

San Jose
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The Golden Gate of San Francisco

Ali and I really love going to the Marin Headlands and looking over the Golden Gate to San Francisco. So we went for a walk there last Sunday.

As you know I really like messing with photographs and I did a little software project this week to create an HTML <map> object from a Picassa photo collage. Here's the result using 72 of the 100s of photos I've take around Golden Gate over the years. Good, eh! To generate the collage, this page and all the links to the photos about 15 minutes of my time.

Software is magic. Script: click here.

And coming up....

Penny and I have a vague plan to walk the Marathon at Big Sur this weekend. She's been injured and I've been lazy and not been training. Maybe we'll go and walk it on Sunday. We'll see.

There's a possibility that our son Alan will visit sometime in May. He comes to the States a couple of times a year on business and when he does, he's usually able to spend a weekend with us. We always enjoy his visits and look forward to him coming.

We're planning a vacation in 2009 with the 'holiday gang' to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, Wyoming. This will be either July or August - we're still in the planning process at this time. And gosh, with the state of the economy, I'm rather doubtful if this will happen. We'll see.

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