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December 31, 2011

San Jose
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2011 has been Great
It's been a very good year. I'm not too sure why I feel that. Nothing unusual happened - however everything that happened was good! Among the year's happy memories:
  • The surprise visit of Alan and Jamie for my 60th birthday in January
  • Contracting with my friends at Novariant
  • Working with Paul, Irina, Pankaj and all the good folks at Trimble
  • Our summer vacation driving Pacific Hywy 1
  • Attending the Wedding of Allison and Brian in Seattle in July
  • I became a US Citizen in July
  • Ali went with the Poje family to Largs in July and the weather was perfect
  • I lost some weight and started running again - thanks to Michelle's encouragement
  • Finished visiting the 50 States in September by visiting Larry and Janet in Kansas City
  • We enjoyed a weekend in Oklahoma City with my sister and her husband.
  • The Grandkids are now 4 and 5 and Ali had 3 visits to England
  • I'm currently contracting at  in Cupertino

And I must mention visits by Rich and Daniel in May for the Adobe Tech Summit. Memorial Weekend in Clear Lake. Thanks to Jim and Sandy we travelled on Amtrak from KC to LA and San Jose. We had a great weekend with the Adobe folks at Big Sur and were really sorry that Stani couldn't join us from Amsterdam. We enjoyed Thanksgiving at Robert and Geri's and we had a nice Christmas holiday at Point Reyes. And I've enjoyed doing some open-source work. A real fun year. Thanks to all our friends and family for many happy times.

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