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May 30, 2011

San Jose
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Clear Lake, California

We had a very nice visit to Clear Lake, California over the Memorial Day weekend. Clear Lake is about 100 miles north of San Francisco. We drove up through the Napa Valley, then the road rises steeply through the mountains of Robert Louis Stevenson State Park. One hour and you're at the largest natural lake in California.

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We are going to attend a wedding in Seattle in July on the day before Ali's 60th. Ali's going to England for a birthday party in July. I'm working at the moment and that's going OK. It's as demanding and stressful as always. I always get assigned mission impossible, and the current job's as hard going as anything I've tackled.

The trip to wedding will be my summer vacation. The company is having a shutdown for the week of July 4 and we'll take in some of the National Parks between here and Seattle.

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