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March 20, 2011

San Jose
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Dennis in his 40s

My friend, and sometime boss, Dennis enjoyed his 50th Birthday on March 20, 2011. Happy Birthday, Dennis.

I couldn't possibly list all the great things Dennis has achieved and all the wonderful help he has given. He's a great guy. Ali and I have enjoyed vacations and all sorts for adventures with Dennis and his family since we first met at the Honolulu Marathon in December 2002. His wife, the Terrific Terri, was my TNT Mentor for Honolulu and she brought Dennis and the family to the event.

I've had a rummage through my photo album and found more that 200 photos with him. So here's the "Dennis in his 40s" photo collection. Enjoy!

The family seem to be in good shape as you can see in the photos. She also met up with the neighbors and friends and generally had a nice time. The weather was (unusually) perfect.

And coming up .......

We are going to attend a wedding in Seattle in July on the day before Ali's 60th. Ali's going to England for a birthday party in July. I'm working at the moment and that's going OK. It's as demanding and stressful as always. I'm 60 and I'm never going to learn how to get other people to work and run around for me.

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