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January 18, 2011

San Jose
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Robin's 60th Birthday

My 60th Birthday. I was totally astonished that my sons Alan and Jamie came from England to California for the weekend to celebrate this with me. I had no idea they were coming! I got home from the movies and "crash bang - party poppers" - our friends and the boys were there. It was unbelievable!

Thanks: Ali, Alan and Jamie for being the most wonderful family in the world.

Thanks: Penny and Andrew for springing the surprise.

And coming up .......

After the excitement of the birthday and the boy's surprise visit to California, things are going to be rather dull over the next few months. We are going to attend a wedding in Seattle in July on the day before Ali's 60th. Ali's going to England for a birthday party and I hope to join her. It depends on work and money. I'm looking around for a job and I have a couple of good prospects at the moment.

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