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June 26, 2011

San Jose
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The Flags at Trimble Navigation

I've been working at Trimble Navigation in Sunnyvale, California since March. I'm working on firmware and it's going OK - as demanding and stressful as always. I always seem to be assigned mission impossible, and the current task's as hard going as anything I've tackled.

I've always liked Flags. The company flies Old Glory in front of its building every day. There's a "flag of the week" which represents one country in which the company operates. They even flew the flag of Scotland!

And coming up .......

We are going to attend a wedding in Seattle in July on the day before Ali's 60th. Ali's going to England for a birthday party in July.

The trip to wedding will be my summer vacation. The company is having a shutdown for the week of July 4 and we'll take in some of the National Parks between here and Seattle.

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